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Post Thanksgiving Power Rankings


Each team has played about 20 games by now, so starting now, every week I will upload my power rankings for the NBA!

  1. The Toronto Raptors

    • The Raptors have been by far the best team in the league this year, Kawhi is a perfect fit and his addition, along with Danny Green elevate this team much higher than Derozan ever could. Oh and they just got deeper with CJ Miles’ return.

  2. The Milwaukee Bucks

    • The Bucks are playing well above their talent level, but they will definitely cool down, and Brook Lopez’s 0-12 night is a clear sign of that. Hopefully they can regather their insane shooting when the playoffs come around.

  3. The Golden State Warriors

    • The Warriors are still the Warriors. While they may be injured, they still have 6 Hall of famers on their team.

  4. The Denver Nuggets

    • The Nuggets have proven to be a much improved team. Jokic is the obvious 3rd best big man behind Embiid and Davis, and runs the offense beautifully. They still don’t have MPJ, who will likely take over this team within a year. Denver will be very good, very soon.

  5. The OKC Thunder

    • The Thunder are much better than last year. Not only because they lost Carmelo, but they also have better shooters, the pairing of Schroeder and Westbrook works great, oh and Billy Donovan is actually coaching a little. Paul George is having the best year of his career, and Westbrook is still “stat-padding”. If they can keep this up they will be terrifying in the playoffs.

  6. The Philadelphia 76ers

    • The Jimmy Butler trade was perfect for the Sixers, they look like the championship caliber team they were supposed to be last year. If they could land one more trade for a shooter, they might sky rocket to the level of the Raptors quickly.

  7. The Memphis Grizzlies

    • The Grizzlies have been a surprise this year. Mike Conley is back and quietly playing an amazing year. The Grizzlies can actually shoot for once, and their rookie Jaren Jackson has played very, very well. Hopefully they aren’t just an early season fluke.

  8. The LA Clippers

    • The Clippers defense is great, holding teams to a league best 48.8% Effective Field Goal Percentage. They have no superstars, and their offense is slow so they barely win games. But they win games.

  9. The Portland Trailblazers

    • With Nurkic out the Trailblazers take a slight step back, but that doesn’t take away from their hot start. A “prove it” year for them after being swept in the playoffs, expect the Trail Blazers to play hard all year.

  10. The LA Lakers

    • Lebron, and only losing to one team in the past 3 weeks, but mostly Lebron

  11. The Indiana Pacers

    • With Oladipo out the scoring is thin, but he should return soon and bring this team back up to the level of play that pushes Lebron to 7 games.

  12. The Detroit Pistons

    • Blake Griffin is finally playing well, Andre Drummond is still a monster, this team is a very good guard away from being an interesting playoff team.

  13. The Boston Celtics

    • Kyrie Irving isn’t playing well, Gordon Hayward is playing terribly, Jaylen Brown isn’t playing well. What happened to this team? They still rank as one of the best defensive teams in the league, but their offense is horrific. They better turn it around fast, otherwise they might have to make some moves.

  14. The Dallas Mavericks

    • Luka Doncic is the ROTY, by far.

  15. The San Antonio Spurs

    • The Spurs have slowed down greatly after their hot start. This teams current lineup is really pushing how much coaching Pop can do to improve this team.

  16. The Houston Rockets

    • The Rockets are falling apart. Chris Paul is not playing at the superstar level he played at last year, Eric Gordon is playing terrible, and the defense is completely lacking.

  17. The Charlotte Hornets

    • The Hornets as a team are just playing okay, but Kemba Walker is playing way above his level and propelling this team through sheer scoring rather than playmaking.

  18. The New Orleans Pelicans

    • The Pelicans are back to relying on Anthony Davis too heavily. If they can’t structure themselves into a well rounded team they might end up driving Davis to wanting to leave, it has taken far too long for this team to develop.

  19. The Sacramento Kings

    • With two Duke rookies the Kings are a very young team. Both players play very well, and look to have bright futures.

  20. The Minnesota Timberwolves

    • The Timberwolves trade, while beneficial in terms of depth and defense, pushed the extremely overrated, no defense, Karl Anthony Towns into being the number one guy and left them without a number 2. The Timberwolves need to get rid of Andrew Wiggins if they hope to have any chance of a future or making the playoffs.

  21. The Orlando Magic

    • The Magic beat Lebron, they’re definitely improved, but they’re still the Magic.

  22. The Utah Jazz

    • The Jazz, unlike literally every other Western Conference team, refused to improve/add to their team over the off-season

  23. The Washington Wizards

    • Trade everybody

  24. The Miami Heat

    • Slow start as usual, however this year I don’t think they’ll jump into the playoffs at the last second, I think that draft pick is gonna be very valuable

  25. The Brooklyn Nets

    • While the Nets seem to function as a team more, they’re still basically just a collection of mediocre talent.

  26. The Cleveland Cavaliers

    • Collin Sexton is going to be a good player in the NBA, not a great player, but a good one. This team needs to go into full tank mode, starting by trading Love and Korver for assets and picks.

  27. The New York Knicks

    • Once everyone is healthy next year and Kevin Knox has a year under his belt, they should be a pretty good team, but right now they’re still the same old Knicks.

  28. The Chicago Bulls

    • #tankforCam

  29. The Atlanta Hawks

    • #tankforRJ

  30. The Phoenix Suns

    • #tankforZion

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