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Week 8 Power Rankings

My NBA Power Rankings for week 8 of the NBA season

  1. The Toronto Raptors (Last week, 1)

    • The Raptors continue to be the best team in basketball this week. But will their dominance continue all the way into the playoffs?

  2. The Milwaukee Bucks (2)

    • Slowly coming down to earth, the Bucks are still a top 5 team right now, even with the tough losses this week.

  3. The Golden State Warriors (3)

    • Curry will be back fully soon, Cousins is practicing again, and Draymond will be back soon as well, this team is about to return to being the Warriors we know and hate.

  4. The Denver Nuggets (4)

    • The Nuggets continue to impress without their whole team intact, they have a tough week coming up that will definitely test them.

  5. The OKC Thunder (5)

    • The Thunder have pushed themselves into being the number 1 defense in the league, and it works great.

  6. The Philadelphia 76ers (5)

    • The 76ers are winning games, if they continue to surge, and make another move for a 3&d role player, they will be a terrifying team to play in the playoffs.

  7. The LA Clippers (8)

    • Defense, defense, and then some more defense.

  8. The LA Lakers (10)

    • Lebron. Lonzo is playing amazing defense and this young team is starting to click well under the coaching of Lebron James .

  9. The Detroit Pistons (12)

  10. The Memphis Grizzlies (7)

  11. The Portland Trailblazers (9)

  12. The Boston Celtics (13)

  13. The Dallas Mavericks (14)

  14. The Indiana Pacers (11)

  15. The Houston Rockets (16)

  16. The Charlotte Hornets (17)

  17. The San Antonio Spurs (15)

  18. The New Orleans Pelicans (18)

  19. The Minnesota TImberwolves (20)

  20. The Sacramento Kings (19)

  21. The Orlando Magic (21)

  22. The Utah Jazz (23)

  23. The Washington Wizards (22)

  24. The Miami Heat (24)

  25. The New York Knicks (27)

  26. The Atlanta Hawks (29)

  27. The Brooklyn Nets (25)

  28. The Cleveland Cavaliers (26)

  29. The Chicago Bulls (28)

  30. The Phoenix Suns (30)

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