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NBA Playoff Predictions

(Written on April 13th)

1st Round:

Rockets sweep the Wolves

Warriors beat the Spurs in 6

Pelicans beat the Trail Blazers in 7

Thunder beat the Jazz in 6

Raptors beat the Wizards in 5

Celtics beat the Bucks in 6

Sixers beat the Heat in 5

Cavs sweep the Pacers

2nd Round: 

Rockets beat the Thunder in 5 

Warriors beat the Pelicans in 6

Raptors beat the Cavs in 7

Sixers beat the Celtics in 6

Conference Finals:

Rockets beat the Warriors in 7

Raptors beat the Sixers in 6

NBA Finals:

Rockets beat the Raptors in 6

Ben Simmons is the ROTY