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4 Draft Night Teams Ready to Trade

These are 4 teams who I think could make some big moves tonight.


Starting with the Timberwolves, they need to get a good pick tonight and be rid of Wiggins. To me a potential trade of Wiggins, their pick and perhaps a future pick should be enough for the Grizzlies to bite and send the Timberwolves the 4th overall pick, and perhaps Wayne Seldon jr. Or a different role player.


For the Clippers, they are in prime position to move up as they have two top 15 picks, I would like to see them package either the 12th and/or 13th with DeAndre Jordan to move in to the top ten to grab a younger big. The Mavericks might be ideal for this situation as they had previously tried to bring him in, and are certainly looking to reload quick.


The Pistons are a dark horse big trade in the making. In I previous post I mentioned how I think the pistons are an ideal place for kyrie if the celtics are to trade him, but without a pick this year that trade will require a third team. The pistons could however move up if they are willing to part with Blake Griffin. Atlanta would be ideal for this as they could look to build around the pairing of Schroeder and griffin, with the rising tauren prince on the wing and rebuild quick. Another interesting aspect is the presence of reggie Jackson, the pistons could function as a third team in a potential Kemba Walker to the Cavs lebron please stay trade that would reward the pistons with either the Cavs or the Hornets draft pick, preferably the Cavs, and a future Hornets pick, with reggie Jackson, and some second rounders going to Charlotte.


The Sixers backed themselves out of trading up early, but like I said in my previous post on the sixers, if mpj falls outside the top 6, expect the sixers to move their picks, fultz and/or the lakers pick next year to move up and grab him. #trusttheprocess

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