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The Top 10 Shooting Guards in the NBA

My top 10 of shooting guards in the NBA right now. 


1. James Harden

James Harden possesses a 1on1 ability that challenges Kyrie as the best the NBA has ever seen.  His ability to get players to reach and jump at him is unbelievable and even his defense has improved. 

2. Klay Thompson  

Yeah, fight me. Klay Thompson is one of the best defenders in the league. And although he doesnt have the basic tats of Jimmy Butler he does have the advanced stats as well as the eye test to lift him above, to go with being much more versatile. His shooting is second in history to only Steph Curry. His efficiency is unreal but if needed he will take over games and dominate on both sides. 


3. Jimmy Butler  

Jimmy is right behind Klay. Hes a top level defender and a great leader. His playmaking is above klays but his efficency, shooting and health is just below. He showed great improvement in his first couple years but over the past two or so he has gone stagnant. If he can stay healthy and become more efficient as an off ball player he could easily jump over Klay.


4. DeMar Derozan  

DeMar is lucky he has amazing regular seasons, cause if everything was like his playoff performances against Lebron, I'd say hes a mid level role player. But Pop should be able to change that. A man out of time, DeMar has greatly improved his shooting although still sparingly utilized. His mid range is unmatched and his defense is solid now too. 


5. Victor Oladipo 

If Victor Oladipo makes another huge jump, he might end up taking over as number 3 on this list or even number 2, which is scary. His defense last year was phenomenal and very rarely wavered. His offense however was inconsistent at time but he should be able to improve that. 


6. Devin Booker  

Devin Booker is an offensive beast and his efficiency is only improving as well as his defense. Devin Booker is the second coming of Klay Thompson with improved ball handling, the league should be afraid, very afraid. 


7. Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal is a player with star level talent who is best suited as a role player and it makes him, awkward. You want to have him lead your team, but hes just not good enough, but you don't want him to be a role player cause it feels demeaning to his talent. But like Ray Allen in the recent past, its what's best for the team even if it means his stats will go down a bit. His defense is a little inconsistent but will produce when needed. His health might drop him out of the top 10 of it continues to be an issue though, as it's becoming more and more annoying. His shooting is top level and very reliable, it's just a matter of how to best use him. 


8. CJ McCollum  

CJ has every Beal has but slightly more rounded offense and worse defense. Hes in a similar position in terms of skill level but he definitely pairs better with his PG than Beak. CJ is definitely held back but his inferior defense even though he is improving.  


9.   Donovan Mitchell 

Mitchell suffers from ththe same problem as Beal and CJ. Luckily for him though, it's already clear that he is best suited, for himself and the team, in an fully off ball spot up and cutting role player. His defense is disappointing for a player who was hailed for his abilities in college. But with Snyders coaching it should improve. His efficiency is just okay, but that's mostly.due to being forced into become a ball haner and playmaker, which hopefully we will not see too much of next year. I think he will improve next year but only slightly, as his role will most likely change to fit his skills.


10. Kris Middleton

A hit or miss defender, but when he hits hes great. And a consistently solid player on offense with a great mid range shot. Theres a lot of players who could be in this spot, like Marcus Smart, Gary Harris or Lou Williams but really it's a toss up between them all. 


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