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The Top 10 Small Forwards in the NBA


1. Lebron James 

I need not explain  🐐

2. Kevin Durant  

One of the scariest offenses threats in the history of the NBA. His defense is inconsistent at times, but he almost always makes up for it on the other end. No question he is number 2. 

3. Kawhi Leonard 

One of the best defenders of all time and an amazing shooter. He could easily drop down on this list this year but for now he has earned this spot.  

4. Paul George  

Paul George is a great defender with a super high IQ, hes very talented on offense but he holds himself back with his poor playmaking decisions and rushed shot selection, if he smooths out his offense he will easily jump to number 3. 

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo  

Giannis is a physical freak, but his skills aren't that high. Most of his drive he doesnt beat his man he just powers through them, and teams let this happen because they know that when he makes passing plays it's either because he absolutely has to or is out on the perimeter where he cant score. He definitely has the potential to become the best player in the east, and perhaps the NBA but he needs to slow down on offense and develop a more well rounded game that fits in to a team system better. 

6. Gordon Hayward  

Gordon is good at everything, not great, but really good. He fits in perfectly in Boston because of this. I think hes hit his ceiling honestly so I wouldn't see him moving up on this list, but hes definitely a great player.  

7. Jayson Tatum 

Jayson Tatum is a future great, his shooting and efficiency are amazing and his defense is solid as well. He will fly up this list in a few short years as he builds on his defense and starts to take over ththe Celtics. 

8. Tobias Harris  

Plus defender, solid playmaker and good athlete who gets to the rim well. It's a big drop from 7 to 8... 

9. Will Barton

Most people would say hes a SG but from the games I've watched he makes the biggest impact at the 3. While he isnt dominant in any aspect, he doesnt have really any weaknesses either, he makes for a great utility player on a offensive team like the Nuggets.  

10. I don't know, Harrison Barnes maybe

At one point we thought hed be the next big player, but then he fell off. Still a great player on offense but can be inconsistent. 

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