Hi there! Welcome to my website. I’m Tom Slaught. I’m a music producer, filmmaker, photographer, and sports journalist from suburban Philadelphia. I have been producing music under the moniker LOVE X WAR and primarily make electronic music but I also have another Soundcloud page for beats and anything else that didn't make it to my main page called not LOVE X WAR

Here on my website you will find links to all of my work on soundcloud, youtube, splice as well as my social media. My contact information is given on the last page, feel free to send me emails about demos, collaborating, or for any other needs.

I will try to keep this site as up to date as possible, but make sure to follow my social media for the most up to date info and occasional exclusives or early access.


My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tomslaught/

My Main Instagram: @tomslaught

My Sports Instagram: @lxw_sports

My Soundcloud: LOVE X WAR  https://soundcloud.com/lovexwarmusic

My other Soundcloud: not LOVE X WAR  https://soundcloud.com/notlovexwarmusic

My Snapchat: @tomslaught

My Splice: LOVEXWAR https://splice.com/LOVEXWAR

My Twitter: @Tom_Slaught