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2018-19 College Football Projections

Way Too Early Projections for the 2018-19 Season

(barring any massive injuries or fluke games)


My top 8 predictions going into the playoff…

  1. Alabama

  2. Clemson

  3. Ohio State

  4. Georgia

  5. Florida State

  6. Michigan

  7. Washington

  8. Oklahoma

My prediction for the Championship is Clemson and Georgia, with Georgia winning.


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Georgia will win the national championship lead by heisman contender D’andre Swift, a much improved Jake Fromm, and a stifling defense. Kirby Smart is a great coach and recruiter, that was obvious before he even went to Georgia. While Georgia is losing players to the NFL, they were only one defensive stop away from the championship last year and are adding the number 1 recruiting class in the nation to their already stacked squad. They should be able to sweep through their schedule and go undefeated, the only worrisome game is at LSU but they are still struggling to regain their identity and should still be beatable. I don’t think they’ll be able to beat Alabama in the SEC championship but I do believe they could come back and beat Alabama in a playoff game in similar fashion to how they played against Auburn this year. 

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Alabama is poised for another great year despite being on their 4th offensive coordinator in 3 years. Najee Harris is a possible heisman contender and the combination of Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts is going to give defensive coaches nightmares. Alabama does have some threats, Auburn is always a threat in the Iron Bowl, obviously Georgia in the SEC championship would be a threat as well as playing LSU in death valley, but the one I am most concerned about is Texas A&M. They played great against Alabama last year and had a great offense. Although they are losing Christian Kirk to the draft Kellen Mond should keep the offense alive with the two 4-star receivers that A&M are bringing in with their #17 overall recruiting class. Although I don't think it will happen, I wouldn't be too surprised if Alabama dropped a game to Texas A&M. Speaking of Texas A&M…

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They’re gonna have a bounce back year. I could see them as an 8 or 9 win team looking at their schedule. They have no chance against Clemson of course, but the rest of their games are definitely winnable, even against Alabama. With Jimbo Fisher coming in and Kellen Mond getting a year of experience under his belt, expect A&M to be a threat to any team they play. Speaking of Clemson


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Clemson will return as a superpower but this time led by true freshman Trevor Lawrence. The number one QB and number one overall player in this recruiting class. I mean how could he not be? Look at that hair:

Clemson should once again be a lock for the playoff, and possible even the number 1 spot. They aren't losing as much defense to the draft as they did last year so they should be poised for a comeback season of sorts. 


A shakeup in the big 10 (not that it matters in the end)

Wisconsin was overrated, if you think otherwise I direct you to my article “Why Alabama got in over Ohio State or UCF” and to go back and watch some film. Last year’s Wisconsin team reminds me of the 2015 Iowa squad, undefeated until they had to play an “eh” team in Michigan State in the big 10 chip. They then proceeded to get killed by another “eh” team in Stanford. Now I know, Wisconsin won their bowl game, but they more proved that Miami had overachieved all year rather than that Wisconsin's any good. So unless Jonathan Taylor goes off and they become and offensive power house, I wouldn’t expect them to win more than 8 or 9 games in the silk-soft BIG 10 West.

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Michigan finally gets good. They’re barely losing anyone to the draft and the only thing they’ve been missing in the Harbaugh era is a QB. And oh boy did they just get a hell of a QB in Shea Patterson. Of course, being Michigan, they still won’t be able to get past Ohio State but they should be a good bet for the Rose Bowl.



ACC Madness

Florida State will come back healthy and prove they can play well even without Jimbo.

Miami will regress and drop a few games that they should win

Boston College is gonna win 8 games

Losing Chubb, NC State will take a massive step back

Georgia Tech will not change (big surprise)

North Carolina with outplay themselves and improve

Clemson will sweep through and beat everybody

That's about it


The Big 12 will fall off

Oklahoma will still be good because they still have a quarterback but OK State will drop off the map, so will TCU. Texas will improve hopefully, but still won’t be that good for a couple years. Oh and Kansas will still suck


The Pac 12 will be between Stanford and Washington, and UCLA will win even without Rosen.

I have Washington winning the Pac 12 due to all of Stanford’s losses on the defensive end. Both teams should be pretty good next year, they’ll probably only lose 2 or 3 games each max. UCLA should come out and be better without Rosen under Chip Kelly. They could easily be an 8 win team.


Overall, the SEC will continue to dominate, the ACC wil continue to be top heavy as an NFL farm system, the BIG 10 will get more consistent but Harbaugh will still fail to dethrone Urban, the PAC 12 will only be interesting in Washington again, and the BIG 12 will take another step towards disbandment with teams getting worse and worse.


But remember… ROLL TIDE

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