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2018 NFL Draft Grades

2018 NFL Draft Grades

Overall Draft Grades

AFC East
Bills: 81.875, B-
Dolphins: 87.375, B+
Patriots: 82, B-
Jets: 74.33, C
Average: 81.395, B-

AFC North
Ravens: 84.083, B
Bengals: 73.455, C-
Browns: 75.889, C
Steelers: 88.714, B+
Average: 80.535, B-

AFC West
Broncos: 85.1, B
Chiefs: 84, B
Chargers: 83.429, B
Raiders: 81.222, B-
Average: 83.438, B

AFC South
Texans: 82.5, B-
Colts:  84.091, B
Jaguars: 74.857, C
Titans: 85.75, B
Average: 81.8, B-

NFC East
Cowgirls: 81.556, B-
Giants: 93.333, A
Eagles: 89, B+
Redskins: 86.143, B
Average: 87.508, B+

NFC North
Bears: 86.286, B
Lions: 86.667, B
Packers: 82.818, B-
Vikings: 87.714, B+ (I’m just not counting their second 5th round pick) 
Average: 85.871, B

NFC West
Cardinals: 76.333, C
Rams: 78.636, C+
49ers: 82.778, B-
Seahawks: 68, D+
Average: 76.437, C

NFC South
Falcons: 81.333, B-
Panthers: 80, B-
Saints: 80.286, B-
Bucs: 83.375
Average: 81.249, B-

A+ = 98, A = 95, A- = 92, B+ = 88, B = 85, B- = 82, C+ = 78, C = 75, C- = 72, D+ = 68, D = 65, D- = 60, F = 50

Top 5 Drafts:
1.    Giants
2.    Eagles
3.    Steelers
4.    Vikings
5.    Dolphins


1.    The Browns, Baker Mayfield: C
I do think Mayfield is the best QB in the draft right away, but I still think the Browns shouldn’t have picked a QB this draft. With great defensive prospects like Minkah Fitzpatrick, Derwin James, Roquan Smith, Bradley Chubb, and Tremaine Edmunds and one of the best running backs in years in Barkley I just don’t understand drafting a QB from a weaker class. 
2.    The Giants, Saquon Barkley: A-
    Yes Barkley will be very good, but the need wasn't there as much as it is on defense, but the Giants want an all out offense so. 
3.    The Jets, Sam Darnold: D+
    Chubb would've been the perfect pick, they just drafted their 3rd string QB with the number 3 pick overall, pretty bad pick. 
4.    The Browns, Denzel Ward: B+
    Ward is very good, and corner is a need, but Bradley Chubb was still on the board soooo….
5.    The Broncos, Bradley Chubb: A+
Von Miller and Bradley Chubb on the same team… I’d highly recommend drafting the broncos defense in fantasy this year. 
6.    The Colts, Quenton Nelson: A
    I had this as my perfect pick for them at this position, I don’t give a damn if it’s “too early” for an offensive lineman, great pick.
7.    The Bills, Josh Allen: D
8.    The Bears, Roquan Smith: A+
    Smith is one of the best players in this draft, would’ve been an A+ no matter who took him. 
9.    The 49ers, Mike McGlinchey: B-
They were bigger needs with better players available, okay future pick
10.    The Cardinals, Josh Rosen: F
I mean come on, you lose one of the best safeties in the league, are in perfect position to draft the best player in the draft or a top 5 player in Minkah Fitzpatrick or Derwin James respectively, but no, you waste it on a guy who at the combine couldn't hit a single throw in stride and just plain missed a lot of them. Terrible pick. Please prove me wrong
11.    The Dolphins, Minkah Fitzpatrick: A+
The Dolphins drafted the best player in the draft, simple as that
12.    The Bucs, Tevita Tuliʻakiʻono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau "Vita" Vea: A+
That name tho, I’d recommend taking a look at the Bucs D-line now, it looks pretty damn good
13.    The Redskins, Da’Ron Payne: A-
The Redskins needed help on the defensive line, and now they pair together former teammates in Payne and Allen. Roll Tide!
14.    The Saints, Marcus Davenport: B
Boom or bust player, but if he pans out he could be great, the saints should’ve picked another corner
15.    The Raiders, Kolton Miller: C
For the second time a team drafts the wrong guy right before the team after them drafts who they should’ve drafted. Defensive needs are too large to ignore for the raiders, the only reason why this isn’t a D is because Miller is arguably the best tackle in the draft. 
16.    The Bills, Tremaine Edmunds: A-
One of the best defensive players in the draft and he’s only 19, great pick, should make up for them taking Allen earlier
17.    The Chargers, Derwin James: A
One of the best players in the draft, can’t believe he was drafted this late. 
18.    The Packers, Jaire Alexander: A-
One of the best corners in the draft, arguably the best, although slightly early, fills a need and should play very well. 
19.    The Cowgirls, Leighton Vander Esch: C
Let’s just wait and see honestly, boom or bust really, but with Rashaan Evans still there, this isn’t really a good pick
20.    The Lions, Frank Ragnow: B+
Easily the best center and can also play guard, very good pick
21.    The Bengals, Billy Price: C-
22.    The Titans, Rashaan Evans: B+
Should replace Williamson nicely, very good player should be a starter for a longtime. Roll Tide
23.    The Patriots, Isaiah Wynn: A
Played every o-line position at Georgia, they need to beef up their line. Can’t argue with this pick
24.    The Panthers, D.J. Moore: D
The panthers wanted a receiver, Ridley, Kirk, and Sutton are still on the board and they take who? D.J. Moore? Dafuq is a D.J. Moore? 
25.    The Ravens, Hayden Hurst: B+
In a vacuum, this would probably be a lower grade, but because of who else they drafted just after this, this moves up. I don’t think he’ll be great, but he should definitely work out very well in the NFL
26.    The Falcons, Calvin Ridley: A-
Finally some pressure off of Julio, the Falcons got the best route runner and best overall wide receiver in the draft, great pick. 
27.    The Seahawks, Rashaad Penny: D-
I mean, he might be okay, but there are so many other needs with far better players, pretty bad pick. 
28.    The Steelers, Terrell Edmunds: B
A late riser in the draft process, very solid pick
29.    The Jaguars, Taven Bryan: B+
The Jaguars just keep adding to their defense, it’s already too expensive, good to add young cheap talent. 
30.    The Vikings, Mike Hughes: B+
Was hoping he might fall to the Eagles, very good cover corner, should fit in very well on the Vikings
31.    The Patriots, Sony Michel: A-
Easily the second best running back in the draft, perfect fit for the offense, great pick again by the Patriots. 
32.    The Ravens, Lamar Jackson: A
At this spot this is an amazing pick, he should be able to ride the bench for at least a year and learn NFL/redzone throws, this might be the best situation for Jackson. Ravens Super Bowl 2024, calling it right now 

33.    The Browns, Austin Corbett: B- 
I mean yeah he was good, but Will Hernandez is much better
34.    The Giants, Will Hernandez: A
Great guard, a huge need for the Giants has just been filled
35.    The Browns, Nick Chubb: B
If Chubb can stay healthy he can be a very good power back in the league, but that’s a pretty big if. 
36.    The Colts, Darius Leonard: C+
I don’t really know how I feel about this guy, he didn’t play against that great fo competition and didn't really dominate and was a late riser amongst scouts, I think there were probably better picks. 
37.     The Colts, Braden Smith: B
The more linemen the better
38.    The Bucs, Ronald Jones: B-
Would’ve gone with Kerryon Johnson, I think Jones will be okay but Johnson will be better
39.    The Bears, James Daniels: B+
I still think they should’ve drafted defense here, but this is a need, he can play both center or guard. 
40.    The Broncos, Courtland Sutton: B-
They needed a running back but WR was a lesser need, hopefully he’ll pan out, I don’t think he’ll ever be a number 1 option though
41.    The Titans, Harold Landry: B+
This guy could’ve gone in the late first round easily, very solid pick for a need
42.    The Dolphins, Mike Gesicki: A-
The Dolphins got probably the best pure pass catching TE in the draft, great pick that fills a need
43.    The Lions, Kerryon Johnson: A
Kerryon Johnson splitting snaps with Blount should boost their run game into existence, great pick
44.    The 49ers, Dante Pettis: B+
The best returner in the draft and a pretty good receiver
45.    The Packers, Josh Jackson: A+
By the numbers, Jackson is the best corner in this draft, and adding him opposite from Jaire Alexander is amazing
46.    The Chiefs, Breeland Speaks: C- 
Well they need pass rush help, but Speaks was probably more of a 5th round guy sooo….
47.    The Cardinals, Christian Kirk: B+
The Cardinals make up a bit for their waste of a first round pick, Kirk is a top receiver in this draft, Kirk will definitely help take pressure off of Fitz and help Bradford play at his best
48.    The Chargers, Uchenna Nwosa: C+
I mean he’s solid
49.    The Eagles, Dallas Goedert: A+
This would be a B+, but simply because they screwed over the Cowgirls, who no matter how much they may deny, were absolutely going to take Goedert, elevates this pick to an A+. Adding a guy whos been compared to Zach Ertz but a slightly better blocker is always great. I expect a lot of two TE sets next year. 
50.    The Cowgirls, Connor Williams: B+
I had this guy as an early/mid first round talent, but I think they have bigger needs elsewhere
51.    The Bears, Anthony Miller: B+
Pretty good pick here to help out Trubisky
52.    The Colts, Kemoko Turay: B-
Boom or bust, looks the part but didn’t produce
53.    The Bucs, M.J. Stewart: B-
It is a need, but I think Donte Jackson, Isaiah Oliver, or Duke Dawson would’ve been better picks
54.    The Bengals, Jessie Bates: B- 
I just don’t care about the Bengals honestly, they could have a perfect draft or the worst draft in history and I probably wouldn’t even notice, I forget their even a team except when they play the Steelers or when AJ Mccarron outplayed Andy Dalton but was never given a chance to play again
55.    The Panthers, Donte Jackson: B+
They want athleticism they got it, good pick from DBU
56.    The Patriots, Duke Dawson: B+
Patriots drafting well, typical Patriots stuff
57.    The Raiders, P.J. Hall: D+
Just way too early, so many better players
58.    The Falcons, Isaiah Oliver: B+
Can never have enough corners, very good depth pick
59.    The Redskins, Derrius Guice: B-
Personally I’d be wary of Guice, simply because he never played that well against good run defense, he looks the part but he needs to be tested, luckily the Redskins have Chris Thompson so Guice won’t have to be an every down back.
60.    The Steelers, James Washington: B
Pretty good pick to replace Martavis Bryant and slowly mold him into the second option once AB starts to decline
61.    The Jaguars, D.J. Chark: C
The need receivers, but he really isn’t that skilled
62.    The Vikings, Brian O’Neill: B+
A very good depth pick
63.    The Bucs, Carlton Davis: A-
I’m surprised he was even available here, maybe this will send a message to Vernon Hargreaves
64.    The Colts, Tyquan Lewis: C+
Pretty early for this guy even though this is a need 

65.    The Raiders, Brandon Parker: D
Who? Defense is a huge need why are they even drafting offense?
66.    The Giants, Lorenzo Carter: A-
The Giants need pass rush help and Carter should definitely help that, didn’t think he’d be available in the 3rd round
67.    The Browns, Chad Thomas: B
Solid pick, good pass rusher that will add to a growing group
68.    The Texans, Justin Reid: B
A solid safety that will add depth and could even start a few games
69.    The Giants, B.J. Hill: B+
A super athletic DT, very good pick
70.    The 49ers, Fred Warner: B-
A very fast linebacker, but he never really played good competition, will be interesting to see how he pans out
71.    The Broncos, Royce Freeman: A-
With Anderson gone the Broncos need a running back and Freeman is a great pick at this position
72.    The Jets, Nathan Shepherd, C
I’m sorry where did he go?
73.    The Dolphins, Jerome Baker: A
This guy was still available? What?! The Dolphins are drafting great
74.    The Redskins, Geron Christian: B
He should eventually be able to take over for Trent Williams, good pick
75.    The Chiefs, Derrick Nnadi: C
He’ll be a career rotation player, there were definitely better picks
76.    The Steelers, Mason Rudolph: A
The QB of the steelers future, plus he already has chemistry with their WR pick, great pick
77.    The Bengals, Sam Hubbard: B
Will definitely help this weak pass rush
78.    The Bengals, Malik Jefferson: A
I think this guy is gonna surprise a lot of people even though he underperformed in college
79.    The Seahawks, Rasheem Green: B+
A guy to help out and make an impact right away
80.    The Texans, Martinas Rankin: B+
Helps with a major need for the Texans, just needs to adjust to NFL speed
81.    The Cowgirls, Michael Gallup: B
Boom or bust
82.    The Lions, Tracy Walker: B
Versatility is very important in this league, and Walker is versatile
83.    The Ravens, Orlando Brown: A+
I had this guy as a first round pick, great pick
84.    The Chargers, Justin Jones: B
Jones should be able to come in and immediately help the run defense
85.    The Panthers, Rashaan Golden: C
I don’t this guy is that great, too early
86.    The Ravens, Mark Andrews: B
A solid pass catching tight end, will be good with Lamar Jackson down the road
87.    The Raiders, Arden Key: A+ 
Finally a good pick by the raiders, Key is a first round talent, I don’t give a shit about off the field issues
88.    The Packers, Oren Burks: C+
89.    The Rams, Joseph Noteboom: C-
They have bigger needs
90.    The Falcons, Deadrin Senat: C
They have bigger needs
91.    The Saints, Tre’Quan Smith: B+
Great depth pick
92.    The Steelers, Chukwuma Okorafor: C+
Defense is too much of a need for an offensive linemen to be taken here
93.    The Jaguars, Ronnie Harrison: B+
Very good pick here, he won’t be stellar, but he will definitely add to this already ridiculous defense
94.    The Bucs, Alex Cappa: C
Where did he go? 
95.    The 49ers, Tarvarius Moore: B
Special teams star
96.    The Bills, Harrison Phillips: A+
How the hell was he here? 
97.    The Cardinals, Mason Cole: A
A very good o-linemen who can play pretty much anywhere but will most likely play center
98.    The Texans, Jordan Atkins: C
Yeah I don’t know about this pick, I don’t see him as an NFL TE
99.    The Broncos, Isaac Idiom: B
Solid depth pick, won’t replace Aqib, but will play well and show up in special teams
100.    The Chiefs, Dorian O’Daniel: B
Another solid depth pick

101.    The Panthers, Ian Thomas: B+
Should be a solid backup TE for when Olsen gets injured
102.    The Vikings, Jalyn Holmes: B+
More defense is always good
103.    The Texans, Keke Coutee: B- 
He’s fast but that’s kinda it
104.    The Colts, Nyheim Hines: C
105.    The Browns, Antonio Callaway: D
He’s just not that good
106.    The Broncos, Josey Jewell: A- 
Great pick at this position, should become a starter soon
107.    The Jets, Christopher Herndon IV: C
108.    The Giants, Kyle Lauletta: A
Eli Manning is gonna be gone in a few years, Lauletta will be at least an good backup
109.    The Redskins, Troy Apke: F
He’s just not good
110.    The Raiders, Nick Nelson: B+
Solid zone corner, okay cover, very good depth pick in the long run
111.    The Rams, Brian Allen: C+
Probably just a backup at best
112.    The Bengals, Mark Walton: C-
Is RB a need? 
113.    The Broncos, DaeSean Hamilton: A-
Very similar to Emmanuel Sanders, great pick at this position
114.    The Lions, Da’Shawn Hand: A
Although somewhat limited as a pass rusher, still a very good DE and a need
115.    The Bears, Joel Iyiegbuniwe: B+
Speedy LB, can play the hybrid safety, pretty solid pick to back up Roquan Smith
116.    The Cowgirls, Dorance Armstrong Jr.: C
Way too inconsistent of a player to really make an impact
117.    The Bucs, Jordan Whitehead: B+
Very athletic, helps with a big need for the Bucs
118.    The Ravens, Anthony Averett: A+
A very underrated CB, just as good as guys like Carlton Davis, or Isaiah Oliver, great pick at this position
119.    The Chargers, Kyzir White: B
Pretty fast, don’t know what position he’ll play though
120.    The Seahawks, Will Dissly: F
He can sometimes block, maybe, otherwise he’s just not good
121.    The Bills, Taron Johnson: C+
Dominated the FCS level, will need a while to adjust to the NFL skill level
122.    The Ravens, Kenny Young: A-
Although not that fast, very smart LB and defends the run very well
123.    The Dolphins, Durham Smythe: A
Great blocking TE, basically just another lineman, should pair very well with Gesicki, expect to see a lot of two TE sets
124.    The Chiefs, Armani Watts: A
Very active DB, should be able to play both CB and S in the NFL
125.    The Eagles, Avonte Maddox: B
A very quick hard hitting slot corner, solid depth pick
126.    The Falcons, Ito Smith: D-
Why? Just why?
127.    The Saints, Rick Leonard: D
I mean he looks big and strong, but otherwise eh, special teams backup at best
128.    The 49ers, Kentavius Street: B+
We won’t see him play till 2019 because of an ACL injury, but he was a great complimentary back to Chubb at NC State and should be able to continue being a complimentary back in the NFL
129.    The Jaguars, Will Richardson: B+
Good value at this spot and could easily develop into a starting left tackle or right tackle in the NFL
130.    The Eagles, Josh Sweat: A+
If not for injury concerns Sweat would’ve been a first round pick, amazing pick
131.    The Dolphins, Kalen Ballage: A-
Great athlete with huge potential and won’t have to take the bulk of carries and can play alongside Kenyan Drake
132.    The Ravens. Jaleel Scott: D
Just a big body
133.    The Packers, J’mon Moore: B+
Good size, solid athleticism, good depth pick
134.    The Cardinals, Chase Edmonds: C
Pretty athletic but he didn’t play anybody so his skill level is really unknown
135.    The Rams, John Franklin-Myers: C
Another athlete with questions about skill level
136.    The Panthers, Marquis Haynes: A-
Great value and depth at this pick, Panthers got a very good rotational run stopper on the edge
137.    Dallas Cowgirls, Dalton Schultz: C
Straight blocking tight end, can catch 

138.    The Packers, Cole Madison: B-
Developmental, but already has the physicals
139.    The Giants, R.J. Mcintosh: A+
He was available here??? Holy shit
140.    The Raiders, Maurice Hurst: A-
If healthy this is an amazing pick
141.    The Seahawks, Shaquem Griffin: A+
I had this guy as an early second round pick sooo…. 
142.    The 49ers, D.J. Reed: B+
Undersized but very athletic and very skilled, good pick
143.    The Patriots, Ja’Whaun Bentley: C-
Old school LB, too old school even for the patriots
144.    The Bucs, Justin Watson: B
He went to Penn so he’s definitely smart and skilled, just a question of his competition
145.    The Bears, Bilal Nichols: B
Doesn’t seem to have much room to grow but very good size and good motor
146.    The Seahawks, Tre Flowers: D-
He isn’t good, the Seahawks suck at drafting this year besides Griffin
147.    The Rams, Micah Keiser: C
Great instincts and skill, just a question of his athleticism
148.    The Steelers, Marcus Allen: B+
Solid run stopper, could start a few games against run heavy teams
149.    The Seahawks, Michael Dickson: F
150.    The Browns, Genard Avery: B+
I like this guy a lot, really the only thing he needs to improve on is his lateral quickness, otherwise he’ll fill in great as a rotational linebackers with occasional starts
151.    The Bengals, Davontae Harris: B
Very athletic corner, needs to work on zone stops and ball skills
152.    The Titans, Dane Cruikshank: C-
No feetwork or technique at all, but could play special teams well
153.    The Lions, Tyrell Cosby: A
The Lions need o-line help and this late this is an amazing pick
154.    The Bills, Siran Neal: F
I don’t even feel like it
155.    The Chargers, Scott Quessenberry: B+
What the fuck is this guy’s last name? 
156.    The Broncos, Troy Fumagalli: A
Great pick, very versatile TE
157.    The Vikings, Tyler Conklin: A
Another versatile TE who blocks very well
158.    The Bengals, Andrew Brown: B-
Lacks athleticism, otherwise he’s solid
159.    The Colts, Daurice Fountain: A- 
Super athletic, a guy to just throw it up to
160.    The Rams, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo: A+
If it weren't for his size he would’ve been a first or second round pick
161.    The Panthers, Jermaine Carter: C
Another highly skilled but unathletic guy
162.    The Ravens, Jordan Lasley: C
Not very skilled, not as athletic as others
163.    The Redskins, Tim Settle: A+
Huge but very athletic, the Redskins are building a scary D-line
164.    The Saints, Natrell Jamerson: B
Pretty athletic but needs to improve his skills
165.    The Steelers, Jaylen Samuels: A
Speedy and quick, not a box guy but definitely a great pick
166.    The Bills, Wyatt Teller: A- 
Very high upside
167.    The Vikings, Daniel Carlson: F
168.    The Seahawks, Jamarco Jones: C+
I mean he’s alright, won’t be that great tho
169.    The Colts, Jordan Wilkins: B+
Although not very consistent he definitely has the athleticism to succeed in the NFL
170.    The Bengals, Darius Phillips: B
Special teams guy, but I like special teams guys
171.    The Cowgirls, Mike White: B
Very good arm, will make for a solid backup
172.    The Packers, JK Scott: C+
Easily the best punter in years but… he’s still a punter
173.    The Raiders, Johnny Townsend: C-
Why are you drafting a punter when you already have one of the best in the leag- oh wait, you cut him cause he “isn’t professional”, nevermind
174.    The Packers, Some WR from USF with a Key and Peele name: B
Very big very fast 

175.    The Browns, Damion Rantley: D
Only caught 30 passes last year, athletic but not worth a draft pick honestly
176.    The Rams, John Kelly: A+
Another victim of Butch Jones’ terrible player managing and coaching, 4th round talent in the 6th is a miracle
177.    The Texans, Duke Ejiofor: B+
Solid rotation guy
178.    The Patriots, Christian Sam: C-
I guess just trust Bill… maybe
179.    The Jets, Parry Nickerson: B
Special teams, maybe a couple series a game guy, solid
180.    The Jets, Foley Fatukasi: C
Another low skill athlete
181.    The Bears, Kyle Fitts: D
Injury prone
182.    The Cardinals, Chris Campbell: C
183.    The Broncos, Sam Jones: D+
Another Eh
184.    The 49ers, Marcell Harris: D
This is the second injury gamble the 49ers have made in this draft, they won’t win this one, most likely
185.    The Colts, Deion Cain: A-
Cain suffered a lot from the switch of QBs, honestly surprised he wasn’t selected sooner, great pick
186.    The Seahawks, Jake Martin: C+
Athletic, undersized but solid
187.    The Bills, Ray-Ray McCloud: B+
Will be a solid returner and maybe a WR 2 or 3
188.    The Browns, Simeon Thomas: F
Browns gonna Browns
189.    The Saints, Kamrin Moore: B- 
Will most likely transition to safety due to his lack of speed, will end up being a good special teams guy
190.    The Ravens, DeShon Elliott: C+
A big guy who managed to get a good amount of interceptions last year, it’ll be interesting to see if he can adjust to NFL speed
191.    The Chargers, Dylan Cantrell: D+
Maybe he could be used in hail mary attempts to just throw it up, maybe
192.    The Rams, Jamil Demby: C
A big powerful guy, might not have the athleticism to play in the NFL outside of a few snaps though, depth pick
193.    The Cowgirls, Chris Covington: C+
Looks okay, very little experience though
194.    The Falcons, Russell Gage: B
Straight special teams guy, but I like those and it is a need for the Falcon so I think this is actually a pretty good pick
195.    The Rams, Sebastian Joseph: C+
Not a pass rusher but still very athletic, could develop into a very good backup
196.    The Chiefs, Tremon Smith: A-
Very physical and skilled, should be able to play well in the NFL although he may rack up penalties at first
197.    The Redskins, Shaun Dion Hamilton: A+ (if healthy)
If not for injuries Hamilton would’ve been a top 20 pick, if he can come back from injury 100% he will bolster this Alabama heavy defense, if healthy he would be pretty close to Donta Hightower
198.    The Chiefs, Reginald McKenzie: B
While not very skilled, he definitely has the size and quickness to develop well, solid pick
199.    The Titans, Luke Falk: A
Marcus Mariota just became Drew Bledsoe 2.0
200.    The Falcons, Foye Oluokun: B+
Another great athlete who looks skilled but played nobody
201.    The Saints, Boston Scott: D
A worse version of Darren Sproles when the need a power back if anything
202.    The Bucs, Jack Cichy: D
Just not that good… 
203.    The Jaguars, Tanner Lee
204.    The Jets, Trenton Cannon: D+
Better than Scott but still not really worth drafting
205.    The Rams, Trevon Young: C+
Very quick but not very strong, but he can develop strength
206.    The Eagles, Matt Pryor: C
He’s huge, almost too big though
207.    The Packers, Some Notre Dame WR with a crazy first name: A-
Super athletic, will need to develop route running skills but otherwise a very god pick at this spot
208.    The Cowgirls, Cedric Wilson: C+
WR 3 at best, could also be a returner
209.    The Dolphins, Cornell Armstrong: B
Undersized but  quick and experienced
210.    The Patriots, A short white WR: B+
Another one
211.    The Texans, Jordan Thomas: B-
Great athlete, just a question of how he’ll play
212.    The Ravens, Greg Senat: C-
Smol but swol, but still smol
213.    The Vikings, Colby Gossett: B+
Quick and big (pause)
214.    The Texans, Peter Kalambayi: C+
Looks the part but didn’t produce
215.    The Ravens, Bradley Bozeman: A
Centers are extremely valuable and Bozeman will definitely be able to play in the NFL well
216.    The Raiders, Azeem Victor: C+
Cool name and quite the athlete
217.    The Broncos, Keishawn Bierria: B-
Better than Azeem
218.    The Vikings, Ade Aruna: A-
A project, but a very promising one 

ROUND 7 holy shit there’s more?!
219.    The Patriots, Danny Etling: C
Should’ve grabbed Falk…
220.    The Seahawks, Alex McGough: F
221.    The Colts, Matthew Adams: C-
Skilled, physical, but unathletic
222.    The Texans, Jermaine Kelly: B-
Not very good in man coverage, but can play the zone very well
223.    The 49ers, Julian Taylor: B-
Pro day beast, not much else, could be a good depth pick
224.    The Bears, Javon Wims: A-
While not that quick, a great run blocker for a reciever, great size and very experienced, could wind up being a solid WR 2
225.    The Vikings, Devante Downs: C
Just a big athlete
226.    The Broncos, David Williams: D
Maybe he could be a fullback, but otherwise he’s not that great of a pick
227.    The Dolphins, Quentin Poling: A-
I’m not big on late risers, hence the minus, but this guy’s physicals looks promising especially at this spot, great pick
228.    The Raiders, Marcell Ateman: A
Another guy who probably should’ve been drafted earlier, while he most likely won’t see the field very much due to the receivers ahead of him, if he can build on his quickness and speed he might have a pretty good NFL career
229.    The Dolphins, A kicker
Don’t draft kickers that go 10 for 15
230.    The Jaguars, Leon jacobs: B
Great combine, but not much experience on the edge might make it hard for him to adjust to the NFL
231.    The Rams, Travis Howard: B+
A big safety who plays linebacker, gets across the field very well, just needs to work on his tackling skills
232.    The Packers, James Looney: C+
Doesn’t have the best skillset but has good size and speed
233.    The Eagles, Jordan Mailata: I don’t know
He’s huge and fast, but he’s also never played football, ever, not even a snap, soooo…. Yeah
234.    The Panthers, Andre Smith: C-
Lacks range and chase down speed, has to stick between the tackles but isn’t much of a blitzer, pretty situational
235.    The Colts, Zaire Franklin: B+
Quick and experienced, good find
236.    The Cowgirls, Bo Scarbrough: A
Knock-off Derrick Henry, which isn’t a bad thing, Bo won’t be a starter, obviously, but he will be a great backup and goalline guy that will provide power that Zeke just doesn’t have sometimes
237.    The Lions, Nick Bawden: D-
A converted QB to Full Back, maybe he can be used in trick plays, maybe
238.    The Ravens, Zach Sieler: C+
Pro day beast who played nobody, again
239.    The Packers, Hunter Bradley: C
A long snapper, so, yeah
240.    The 49ers, Richie James: B
Big upside if he can build and stay healthy, on the slower end but that isn’t as much of a problem as some would have you believe
241.    The Redskins, Greg Stroman: A+
Great return man and coverage guy, don’t know how he fell this far
242.    The Panthers, Kendrick Norton: B
Great athlete, just needs to be consistent
243.    The Patriots, Keion Crossen: D+
Don’t know about this one, don’t know if he has the skill or athleticism to play in the NFL
244.    The Rams, Justin Lawler: F
245.    The Saints, Will Clapp: A-
Great blocker who can drive down field, starter in a couple years
246.    The Steelers, Joshua Frazier: A
With how much the Steelers use NT this is actually a great pick, while yes he’s situational, he’s amazing in stopping the run
247.    The Jaguars, Logan Cooke: F
A punter, the 4th punter of the draft, what the fuck
248.    The Packers, Kendall Donnerson: D
No fundamentals against zero competition
249.    The Bengals, Logan Woodside: F
Yeah, this will definitely make Andy Dalton look like a good QB
250.    The Patriots, Ryan Izzo: B+
Straight blocker, but knowing the Patriots that's probably a good thing
251.    The Chargers, Justin Jackson: B
Depth pick, a good one
252.    The Bengals, Rod Taylor: F
Can’t keep up, the Bengals just suck don’t they?
253.    The Bengals, Auden Tate: F
Drafting a guy who should’ve stayed in college two more years is always smart right? Guys? Do we even still have a team? 
254.    The Cardinals, Korey Cunningham: C
Bad technique but good physicals, he can learn
255.    The Bills, Austin Proehl: A-
Very fast, good hands, if he doesn’t make it as a receiver he’ll at least be great on special teams
256.    The Redskins, Trey Quinn: I don’t care I’m done
    Does this one even matter?

Notable Undrafteds: 

AFC East
Bills Signings: Levi Wallace CB
Dolphins: Buddy Howell RB, Mike McCray LB
Patriots: Chris Lacy WR, Trent Harris DE, John Atkins DT
Jets: Dimitri Flowers RB

AFC North
Ravens: nobody…
Bengals: Chris Worley LB, Quinton Flowers QB
Browns: Trenton Thompson DL
Steelers: Greg Gilmore NT, Matthew Thomas LB

AFC West
Broncos: Jeff Holland LB, Trey Marshall DB
Chiefs: Ben Niemann LB, 
Chargers: Tony Brown CB, Marcus Edmund CB, Cole Hunt TE, Nik Schimonek QB, 
Raiders: Nobody…

AFC South
Texans: Devin Bellamy DB, 
Colts: Skai Moore LB, 
Jaguars: Quenton Meeks CB, 
Titans: Damon Webb DB, 

NFC East
Cowgirls: James Hearns DE
Giants: Nick Gates OL, Aaron Davis CB
Eagles: Josh Adams RB, Ryan Neals DB
Redskins: Jerod Fernandez LB

NFC North
Bears: Nyles Morgan LB
Lions: Brandon Powell WR
Packers: Connor Sheehy
Vikings: Hercules Mata’afa DT\

NFC West
Cardinals: Nobody…
Rams: Codey McElroy TE
49ers: Nobody…
Seahawks: Tanner Carew LS, Warren Long LB

NFC South
Falcons: Nobody…
Panthers: Kyle Allen QB… just kidding he sucks, Reggie Bonnafon WR/RB/QB
Saints: Colton Jumper LB
Bucs: Shaun Wilson RB, Josh Liddell


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