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ACC Record Predictions

My prediction for FSU's season record

vs VT: W

vs Samford: W

@ Syracuse: W

vs. NIU: W

@ Louisville: W

@ Miami: W

vs. Wake Forest: W

vs. Clemson: L

@ NC State: W

@ Notre Dame: W

vs. Boston College: W

vs. Florida: W

Overall: 11-1

FSU is definitely gonna have a lot of close games, the ACC is gonna be a lot of fun to watch this year. Opening with a game against VT is gonna difficult, but I think being at home will give them a boost over them after which they should build momentum with 3 very easy games in a row. The Miami game will definitely be close but I think Miami might take a step back this year. The Clemson game is difficult to judge, FSU has the talent to upset them, but if Trevor Lawrence takes over and lives up to the hype I highly doubt any ACC team will stand a chance of beating them. The Noles then have 4 more tough games in a row, all of which they should win, but I wouldnt be surprised if Notre Dame and/or Boston College could pull off an upset. A top 10 finish for the Noles.


My prediction for Clemsons season:

vs. Furman: W

@ Texas A&M: W

vs. Georgia Southern: W

@ Georgia Tech: W

vs. Syracuse: W

@ Wake Forest: W

vs. NC State: W

@ Florida State: W

vs. Louisville: W

@ Boston College: W

vs. Duke: W

vs. South Carolina: W

Overall: 12-0

Playing in College Station will be tough, especially if Clemson hasnt figured out their QB yet but their defense should secure them the win. NC State will be interesting but shouldnt be much of a threat. Florida State will be a very very good game but once again Clemsons defense should come out on top. Boston College much like NC State will be very interesting and probably a pretty good game, same with South Carolina. Clemson should finish with a top 3 spot, if not the number 1 spot.


My predictions for Miamis season:

vs. LSU: L

vs. Savannah State: W

@ Toledo: W

vs. FIU: W

vs. North Carolina: W

vs. Florida State: L

@ Virginia: W

@ Boston College: L

vs. Duke: W

@ Georgia Tech: W

@ Virginia Tech: L

vs. Pitt: W

Overall: 8-4

Miami overperformed last year. Against LSU is a really close game and is honestly a toss up. I went with LSU because it will be more of a home game for them. Florida State is gon a have a huge year if healthy, and a healthy Florida State will narrowly beat Miami with a great QB battle. Boston College and Virginia Tech are both poised for big years, and with Miami playing both on the second half of back to back away games I dont think they'll be able to pull out those wins. In fact they're barely even favored in those games. Miami should still finish top 15 and could easily end up in an NY6 bowl depending on how other teams finish.


My predictions for Louisville's season next year:

vs. Alabama: L

vs. Indiana State: W

vs. Western Kentucky: W

@ Virginia: W

vs. Florida State: L

vs. Georgia Tech: L

@ Boston College: L

vs. Wake Forest: W

@ Clemson: L

@ Syracuse: W

vs. NC State: W

vs. Kentucky: L

Overall: 6-6

I dont think this need much of any explanation. No Lamar Jackson and a solid schedule. Kentucky and NC State could flip, they might be able to beat Georgia Tech but it's a slim chance. Otherwise tho, an undeserved bowl game against a mediocre power five team.

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