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BIG 12 Predictions

My predictions for Texas Techs season:

vs. Ole Miss: W

vs. Lamar: W

vs. Houston: W

@ Oklahoma State: W

vs. West Virginia: L

@ TCU: L

vs. Kansas: W

@ Iowa State: L

vs. Oklahoma: L

vs. Texas: W

@ Kansas State: L

vs. Baylor: W

Overall: 7-5

Texas Tech should have a much improved defense from last year with very few players leaving, but their offense will have taken a step back, luckily for them that wont matter as much. They start off with what should be a great game against Ole Miss that they should be a close game with Tech just getting past them. Oklahoma State looks to be having a rebuild year, so even though they play in Oklahoma, the Raiders should be able to beat them with ease. West Virginia on the other is poised for a big year and for Will Griers heisman campaign so I dont think Tech has anything more than a slim chance of beating them. TCU will take a step back as well, but playing at home should give TCU the edge over Tech. Iowa State is another team poised for a big year as they showed a ton if improvement last year, playing in Iowa I dont think Tech will win that game. Oklahoma should still be a top 10 team with Kyler Murray and wont lose at home. Texas lost to Tech last year at home, and unless they show vast improvement on offense and defensive consistency they wont be able to beat Tech this year either. Kansas State on the other hand took tech to overtime last year and are now playing at home and didnt lose much to the draft which should give them the boost over Tech. Even though they lost offensive players, this is still Tecas Tech, so expect the offense to be potent and perhaps they can sneak in to the top 25 with a bowl win.



My predictions for Oklahoma's season:

vs. Florida Atlantic: W

vs. UCLA: W

@ Iowa State: W

vs. Army: W

vs. Baylor: W

vs. Texas: W

@ TCU: W

vs. Kansas State: W

@ Texas Tech: W

vs. Oklahoma State: W

vs. Kansas: W

@ West Virginia: L

Overall: 11-1

Losing Baker and some defense is gonna hurt Oklahoma, but lucky for them the BIG 12 really only has one other team. UCLA will get pumped up, and Oklahoma will destroy them. Iowa State and TCU will both be really tough on the road but I expect Oklahima to get revenge on Iowa and to pull out a win on TCU in a high scoring game. West Virginia is not the better team, but I dont think Oklahoma will be able to beat them. This is gonna be Will Griers heisman campaign year, and west Virginia wont be holding anything back. If they do be west Virginia and go undeafeated they should be in the playoffs. Expect to see Oklahoma in an NY6  Bowl.

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