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Group of 5 Predictions and Others

My predictions for UCFs season:


vs. South Carolina State: W

@ North Carolina: L

vs. Florida Atlantic: W

vs. Pittsburgh: W

vs. SMU: W

@ Memphis: L

@ East Carolina: W

vs. Temple: W

vs. Navy: W

vs. Cincinnati: W

@ USF: L

Overall: 9-3


UCF will not be undefeated again. They barely were last year and this year have to play their tough games on the road. This year UCF wont have the best game in their schedule cancelled and I wouldn't expect them to win it, UNC is heavily favored. Florida Atlantic, Pitt and Navy are all teams that will keep UCF on their heels and should make for great games, I wouldnt be surprised at all if they both beat UCF. Memphis and USF both have different QBs, but the teams themselves aren't that different, and both playing at home this year, and only losing by a hair and little bad luck, they should beat UCF without question. I'm predicting 9-3 but a 7-5 or even 6-6 season is very possible.


My predictions for Houstons season:

@ Rice: W

vs. Arizona: L

@ Texas Tech: L

vs. Texas Southern: W

vs. Tulsa: W

@ Eastern Carolina: W

@ Navy: L

vs. South Florida: L

@ SMU: W

vs. Temple: W

vs. Tulane: W

@ Memphis: L

Overall: 7-5


Houston opens up their season with two solid power five teams, both of which are gonna be very tough for them and I cant picture them winning. Navy and South Florida will both be good games, but ultimately those two are much closer in skill level to UCF than Houston, so they both should beat Houston. SMU and Temple will be interesting matchups, as they are pretty even, but SMU will be SMU and temple they have at home so those should both be wins. A solid year for Houston, they may even sneak back in to the top 25 and get a mid level bowl.


My predictions for Notre Dame's season: 

vs. Michigan: L

vs. Ball State: W

vs. Vanderbilt: W

@ Wake Forest: W

vs. Stanford: W

@ Virginia Tech: L

vs. Pitt: W

vs. Navy: W

@ Northwestern: W

  vs. Florida State: L

vs. Syracuse: W


Overall: 9-3


Michigan, Florida State, and Virginia Tech are all bound to have big years, and the rest of Notre Dame's schedule is either taking a step back, or is already terrible. Even at 9-3 with their name recognition, they shoouldnt even finish top 15

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