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PAC 12 Predictions

My prediction for Oregon's season next year:

vs. Bowling Green: W

vs. Portland State: W

vs. San Jose State: W

vs. Stanford: L

@ Cal: W

vs. Washington: L

vs. Washington State: W

@ Arizona: L

vs. UCLA: W

@ Utah: L

vs. Arizona State: W

@Oregon State: W


Overall: 8-4

Oregon gets an easy start to the season but I dont think they'll be able to beat Stanford.

Cal, Washington State, Arizona, and Utah could go either way but I think Oregon should be able to beat Cal and fend off Washington State, playing in Arizona and Utah though will be tough, especially coming off of what will most likely be tough games.

Oregon should have a good year, and a top 25 finish.



My predictions for Washingtons season:

vs. Auburn: L

vs. North Dakota: W

@ Utah: W

vs. Arizona State: W

vs. BYU: W


@Oregon: W

vs. Colorado: W

@ Cal: W

vs. Stanford: L

vs. Oregon State: W

@ Washington State: W

Overall: 10-2

Washington begins the season with the toughest game of their schedule at a neutral site. Auburn is looking to redeem themselves after becoming effortless and cocky at the end of the season and being humbled by UCF, so they should come out swinging. Playing in Utah will be tough but still a win, the same goes to UCLA and Oregon. Stanford vs. Washington should decide the Pac12 once again, and I think Stanford should squeeze out the win behind heisman contender Bryce Love. Washington should be able to make a solid bowl with a top 15 finish.


My predictions for Stanford's season:

vs. San Diego State: W

vs. USC: W

vs. UC Davis: W

@ Oregon: W

@ Notre Dame: L

vs. Utah: W

@ Arizona State: W

vs. Washington State: W

@ Washington: W

vs. Oregon State: W

@ Cal: L


Overall: 10-2 


USC does have a shot to beat Stanford but being on the road makes that unlikely. I don't think Stanford will be any better than last year, in fact they're more likely to be worse and won't be able to beat Notre Dame on the road. Washington will be the best game of the season for the PAC 12, and going in Stanford will most likely be the underdogs, but I do believe they will pull off an upset. 

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