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SEC Record Predictions

My predictions for Alabama season next year:

vs. Louisville: W

vs. Arkansas State: W

@ Ole Miss: W

vs. Texas A&M: W

vs. LA-Lafayette: W

@ Arkansas: W

vs. Mizzou: W

@ Tennessee: W

@ LSU: W

vs. Miss State: W

vs. Citadel: W

vs. Auburn: W

Overall: 12-0

Without Jackson Louisville is a much easier game, certainly easier than FSU last year. (FSU was a championship favorite to start the season and before the injuries, most notably Francois they looked the part too)

A&M is a scary game, and even though Alabama is at home a loss is possible, depending on how quickly Jimbo snaps that team back into action. Itll definitely be close.

Mizzou should be an interesting game but ultimately the lack of defense should give the Tide an easier win than the scoreboard will show.

At Tennessee will be more difficult than Tennessee will be given credit for, but Alabama should still win, keeping Sabans streak alive.

At LSU will also be tough, and could very well be the game that changes Alabamas season, whether it's due to an upset or to an offensive adjustment needed to be made.

Miss State game should be similar to last years.

And the iron bowl, as always, will be one of the best games of the year, but at home Alabama should take it.


My predictions for Auburns season:

vs. Washington: W

vs. Alabama State: W

vs. LSU: W

vs. Arkansas: W

vs. Southern Mississippi: W

@ Mississippi State: L

vs. Tennessee: W

@ Ole Miss: W

vs. Texas A&M: W

@ Georgia: L

vs. Liberty: W

@ Alabama: L

Overall: 9-3

Auburn should come out the gates swinging against Washington as I explained in my Washington post. vs LSU will be a very tough game but being at home makes a huuuuge difference for Auburn, especially in the 4th quarter where they should be able to pull away from an otherwise close game. Like Auburn, Mississippi State is great at home, and having this be there first away game I dont Auburn will win. vs A&M will be tough but like LSU being at home will give them the edge in the late game. Being away vs Georgia and Alabama will both be losses. Neither of those teams will allow themselves to lose to Aurburn twice in a row and will be gunning for undefeated seasons. Auburn will most likely have to win both games for a shot at the playoffs so expect these two games to be the two best of the regular season.


My predictions for Texas A&Ms season:

vs. Northwestern State: W

vs. Clemson: L

vs. UL Monroe: W

@ Alabama: L

vs. Arkansas: W

vs. Kentucky: W

@ South Carolina: W

@ Mississippi State: L

@ Auburn: L

vs. Ole Miss: W

vs. UAB: W

vs. LSU: W

Overall: 8-4

Texas A&M has a ridiculous schedule. Clemson I dont think they really stand a chance against that early in the year. By the time they play Alabama they'll have warmed up but will stall in the end game. And then comes the line of 3 tough road games in a row. South Carolina is one year away from a huge breakout year so I dont think they'll be able to beat a team like A&M just yet. @ Miss State and @ Auburn are two of the hardest places to play in football and while they should be close games, State and Auburn should pull out wins. LSU is gonna be an amazing game and could be an OT game. The original 12th man should give the Aggies the edge in the end of the game. Considering their schedule, they should be between the 11 and 17th rankinging range at the end of the year and play in a solid bowl game.

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